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Dressage trip to summer house

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New Equestrian Supplier in Tetbury

We are a new company based in rural Gloucestershire, offering good quality products for your horse, you the rider and even your dog, from beautiful English leather bridles to pretty silver earrings. We have a wide range of equestrian products at highly competitive prices. Weare always happy to offer you advice on the best products to get the most out of your horse.

The owner has had over 30 years experience before starting up Williams Equestrian, she has owned a horse from a very early age, graduated from Hartpury College, ridden out and worked extensively on racing yards, competed in many dressage competitions and for the last 10 years solely runs a private livery yard with over 20 horses, working 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year. Her experience with horses brings really value to cuz her customers. Giving professional advice on the right products for you and your horse.

All of our English leather work is from Shayler based in Walsall and is unsurpassed in quality and design. We will always do our very best to beat the recommended retail price and any price shown on any other website. So pleasgood get in touch for all you equestrian needs.

Find us online at www.williamsequestrianonline.co.uk or email: weo.info@yahoo.co.uk


Natural Horsemanship

When riding your horse, it should be a pleasurable and relaxing experience. Yes, there are times where you are at competition with other riders, but generally, when just out in the countryside, you need to take it all in and sit back. Riding the majestic animal is something unlike anything else in the world, and for those who have never had the opportunity to ride such an animal, they are missing out. With English style horse riding, there are some natural horsemanship tactics you take while riding along with other riders, or when deep in competition. It is a gentleman and gentlewomen’s game, and the natural horsemanship needs to show nothing but this.

When riding a horse, you must always begin with the dressage. This, essentially, is the method of training the horse, for both handling purposes and for competition. The better you handle the horse during a competition the more reliable they are going to be during an afternoon ride. With contemporary dressage, the horse is to perform calmly and quietly while abiding by the rider’s instructions. Being able to properly control your horse without them (or yourself) losing yourself is a rather large challenge, but enjoyable all the same. Having the ability to work one with such a large and gentle animal is remarkable, and the horse almost becomes an extension of yourself, similar to a well maintained vehicle while you are driving. Over time, both you and the horse will being to predict each other’s movements, so there is never any second guessing between the two of you. Having this kind of connection with another living animal is rather amazing.

English style horsemanship is all about the performance. How calm your horse is, its ability to handle commands without error, and how it handles obstacles. Even while obstacles and other environmental issues are present, the English style horse is going to ride proper and straight, with perfect posture. This does take years of training in order to fully maser it, not only with the human rider but with the particular animal. The proper, natural horsemanship is sure to show around other riders and their horses. This might be more challenging for some horses, as some can become a bit more social than others. This is just part of the training, but with enough time and practice, you and your horse will emulate a perfect natural horsemanship style.

Learn to Communicate with your horse

Riding a horse is a luxury that should not be passed up on in this lifetime. Before cars, planes, and buses, there was one standard the held pure and is still very much mentioned today: Horse Power. Horses are mythical creatures in fantasy, books, and hobbies, and all the ancient religions used horses to refer to the idea of traveling, warfare, and communication. Today, however, horses are more for show, having a jumping competition, or if you are lucky enough, riding and galloping through a sandy beach with your horse loving the splashing of waves on its hooves. For many of years, there has been a distinct communication between man and horse, where horses have helped man reach new horizons and get through adventures which feet could not journey. How do people communicate effectively with their horses?

Horses use a communication that is almost identical to talking is to a human, and that is known the popular sound of a Stallion horse’s neigh, where it’s loud and can be heard from a distant. The neigh sound is familiar in movies where the horse is going into the battle and things are dramatic, the movies use this get emotions from the readers. However, horses use the neigh to alert their owners of a greeting. More often that not, they use a nicker type of sound, which is another quieter form of a greeting for company. Most importantly, though, the neigh is usually from being fed, because horses love to eat. Horses use their hooves for stomping purposes to alert owners and handlers of hungry stomaches.

Just how dogs communicate by sniffing each other’s butts, horses have a similar manner of communication where they round their heads together, then proceed to take their nostrils to nostrils together, and in turn blow in each other’s noses to pick up on scents. Animals can sense things humans can not, and horses are no different than animals in this respect. One of the most fascinating things about a horse is the ability to tell the likes and dislikes of a particular horse. When a horse is friendly and attentive, the horse will make sure his or her ears are forward, showing a gratification or eager look. If the horse likes the rider, while the rider is on the horse’s back, the horse will have one ear back to listen to the rider’s demands. If a horse turns his ears backwards, then get out of the way, but ears folded on the back of a horse’s neck is an unhappy horse.

Riding for pleasure

Pleasures of Riding
Hacking, Dressage or Show Jumping: The Pleasures of Riding Whether you wish to ride a horse simply for pleasure – hacking across country, or ride in some kind of competition – dressage or show jumping, you will find that the pleasures and joys of riding are many.

It may seem daunting at first to climb up into the saddle of a creature whose head, at least, is taller than you, who weighs several hundred pounds, and who is all strength and power – and surprising gentleness.

Once you are in the saddle…the ground is so far below you. You pick up the reins , two thin leather straps attached to a bit between the horse’s teeth, and with these two thin straps you are in complete control of the mount between your legs.

(At least, you are if you’ve had the appropriate lessons!)

Hacking – is the most popular form of horseback riding. That is because it is the easiest form of riding – you are competing with no one. There’s no question of having to jump a three foot high barrier with perfect form, or of having to make your mount respond instantly to your slightest whim.

And hacking is pretty easy riding, once you know the commands to give your mount. Then you’re free to travel cross-country, free from the hustle and bustle of cars on roads, and be one with nature, accompanied only by the sound of your horse’s hooves clip-clopping on the ground.

Hacking is also a way of exploring the beautiful surroundings of the English countryside – more quickly than you would be able to do on foot, more sedately than on a bicycle. And if you are riding with friends, you can all enjoy and converse as you ride.

But just because hacking is not competition riding, that does not mean that a rider should not be in shape, physically. Although riding is a form of physical exercise, it’s not enough on it’s own – you will find that if you do a bit of weight training you’ll be able to hop into the saddle with ease and your knees will grip the sides of your mount with that much more strength, and give you more elf-confidence when you ride.

While hacking is the most popular form of horseback riding, the pleasure to be gained by participating in dressage or show jumping adds a unique pleasure – the joy of competition, of pitting your skills, and those of your mount, against the skills of others. There’s an extra frisson of pleasure in sitting atop a horse that responds to your every command when going through a jumping or dressage routine.

Both dressage and show jumping require tremendous discipline – it requires, as the saying goes, practice, practice, practice. But if you are the type of individual who thrives on that discipline and its subsequent rewards, then these two forms of competition are for you.

Keep Fit by Learning to Ride

Horseback riding has many benefits, including physical and psychological benefits. These benefits include a more toned body, enhanced coordination and greater confidence, among others. If you are an active person, you can add horseback riding to your exercise regimen to reap the benefits. It may also be easier for an inactive person to take up horseback riding over other forms of exercise since it does not involve hard exercise like other forms of activity. Horseback riding may also be a form of exercise that is easier to maintain than other forms of exercise, due to the relationship between the rider and the horse, scenic routes and therapeutic benefits of horseback riding.
The major physical benefit derived from horseback riding is the muscle tone that you receive when riding a horse. When you ride a horse, you must adjust your body to match the rhythm of the horse’s movements. As you re-position your body, you work different muscles. Your muscles also contract and then relax as you adjust your body. This constant adjusting provides an increase in muscular strength. Muscles that are targeted include the postural muscles, adductor muscles, abdominal muscles, dorsals, quadriceps and hamstrings. This exercise can also help strengthen the joints and lead to greater flexibility. Arm muscles can also be strengthened if the rider must pull the reins frequently.
Another benefit that horseback riding provides is cardiovascular exercise. The faster a person rides the horse, the more his respiratory and circulatory systems have to work. Difficult terrain can also make horseback riding more strenuous and this can increase a rider’s heart rate. A slower trot can be therapeutic and can help regulate the rider’s heart rate and blood flow, as well as decrease stress levels.
Horseback riding can also help a person become fit in other ways. A rider must learn to maintain his balance and use appropriate posture, which helps decrease back and spinal problems. Back pain can often be lessened by horseback riding. Coordination can also be improved by horseback riding. Fine motor skills and gross motor skills can be enhanced through horseback riding. You can also increase your eye hand coordination and your reflexes can be triggered more quickly. Horseback riding can also result in weight loss since a 150 pound person can burn up to 480 calories per hour of horseback riding.
Psychological benefits can also be acquired through horseback riding. Riders often experience an increase in their confidence level by becoming an expert in something. The rider also develops a feeling of control by maneuvering the horse to the preferred destination. Horseback riding can also lead to an introduction into a new social group, possibly resulting in lifelong friendships and companionship. Taking a horseback ride after a busy day or week can help decrease stress and can stimulate relaxing breathing. Caring for an animal also helps a person feel compassion and protective impulses. Studies have shown that horseback riding is very therapeutic and can help people recover after an injury or traumatizing event in their lives. Horseback riding requires the individual to concentrate on the task of tending to and controlling the horse. Horseback riding also makes a person responsible for the well-being of the horse. Another psychological benefit includes the self-discipline that a rider must acquire in order to successfully ride the horse.
Horseback riding provides many benefits to the rider. Muscles are toned and strength is increased. This cardiovascular exercise stimulates the respiratory and circulation systems. Breathing is improved through horseback riding. Balance, coordination, flexibility, eye-hand coordination, posture, fine motor skills and gross motor skills are all enhanced with a routine of horseback riding. Horseback riding also helps to lower stress levels and improve confidence. Helpful bonds are also formed between the horse and the rider, as well as with fellow horseback riders. These benefits make horseback riding an excellent addition to your exercise regimen.

Curious of what it feels like in the shoes of a professional equestrian?


Curious of what it feels like in the shoes of a professional equestrian? Don’t just stand over the fence and watch them as they stroll by in the tracks. We can offer you with the best English riding lessons that can transform you into an expert equestrian in no time. The sport and art of riding isn’t something that can be learned within a day or so. It also can’t be learned without the guidance of an expert. And though you may perceive the activity as being carefree, elegant and a walk in the park as you see it being done by professionals, a beginner will quickly see the complexity and sophistication of the activity as they are learning it. To shed light on the subject at hand, read on as we discuss the art of riding.

Riders who feel like competing or joining in sports that are exclusive to English riding include English Country Pleasure, Hunting, Polo, Hunter Pace and a popular favorite, Dressage. So how does dressage sport work? Basically, sport competitions are performed by all levels from amateur to World Equestrian Games. Its basic function is to enhance, by means of standardized progressive training techniques, the horse’s natural athleticism and willingness to participate, which thereby optimizes the horse’s traits as a riding horse. As referred to by the International Equestrian Federation, dressage is a competitive equestrian sport that can be considered as the highest form of horse training. Another crowd favorite in equestrian sports competition for English riding is known as Show Jumping, or stadium jumping in other terms. Jumping categories are most commonly displayed at horse shows worldwide, including the Olympics. Show jumping categories may be facilitated by several national horse show sanctioning assemblies.If you’re ready to learn the art of English riding in Gloucestershire, England, come visit our site and local firm to get the best training from our highly qualified riding instructors. We can also offer high-end private classes at the client’s location if needed.

Our Approach to Learning to Ride

Learning to Ride

Learning to ride is best taught by professionals who have experience and credentials to guide students properly. Our trainers are British Horse Society (BHS) qualified and follow the utmost standards and care. Our clientele is exclusive and top notch. We come to your home for private instruction and we are based in Stroud in Gloucestershire.

Our approaches to horse riding are diverse. We ensure that those learning to ride are taught by instructors who have learned the high standards of safety for both rider and horse. Our instructors are tested to ensure that they meet the standards of the BHS to train students and to train horses at the required instruction level. Since safety is paramount, our instructors hold current first aid certificates.

We screen all our students to determine the riding experience level of the student. The general fitness level of the student is evaluated so appropriate riding lessons can be given. The discussion of the goals of the student is most important to us as well. We go over safety and riding equipment to make sure it is appropriate and in good working order. The safety of our students is paramount and we want to make sure that instructor and student are both on the same page.

Following evaluation, our private lessons begin at the appropriate experience level of the student. Horse riding for beginners starts with teaching the student how to control the horse, a necessary and significant first step. The individual attention, after thoroughly screening our students, makes our private lessons a good experience for first time riders, and instills the confidence they need to continue lessons.

The mental side to learning to ride is addressed in our approach to teaching as well. It is not just a matter of how to sit correctly in the saddle. Teaching a student how to relax yet remain alert, how to “tune-in” with the horse, and how to remain confident and at ease are all emphasized. Our lessons strive to improve technical skills as well as mental skills, in a blended approach to riding.

We are a committed to teaching riders to become true equestrians and this is reflected in our total approach. From evaluation to orientation and on to lessons that progress through levels of expertise, we are there every step of the way, in the privacy and convenience of your location. We guide you through what proper clothing is recommended, and school you through what the best products on the market are available. We teach you proper horse care and safety to round out our total approach to horse riding.

Riding a horse is a fun and exciting experience for people of all ages and our approach to teaching people to ride is in the same vein. While it is prudent to remain serious when it comes to evaluation and safety, the joy of riding is always included. Proper training and safety make the pleasure of riding an event that can be experienced over and over, in a series of lessons. As different levels of horsemanship are achieved, advanced instructors can take riding to new and exciting levels. Private lessons in a familiar environment, at your location, are a convenient way to experience the thrill of riding. The feeling of accomplishment you will experience with our instructors guiding you through is unique and one of a kind. Put yourself in the hands of experienced professionals. We will be sure to satisfy your needs and meet your expectations.

Dressage lessons

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Show Jumping Lessons

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Learning to Ride

Learning to ride is fantastic fun and exercises for old and young. Our one-to-one approach means that you develop you confidence slowly and at a speed dicteated by your own skill and fitness. Read More About Learning to Ride

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