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Curious of what it feels like in the shoes of a professional equestrian?


Curious of what it feels like in the shoes of a professional equestrian? Don’t just stand over the fence and watch them as they stroll by in the tracks. We can offer you with the best English riding lessons that can transform you into an expert equestrian in no time. The sport and art of riding isn’t something that can be learned within a day or so. It also can’t be learned without the guidance of an expert. And though you may perceive the activity as being carefree, elegant and a walk in the park as you see it being done by professionals, a beginner will quickly see the complexity and sophistication of the activity as they are learning it. To shed light on the subject at hand, read on as we discuss the art of riding.

Riders who feel like competing or joining in sports that are exclusive to English riding include English Country Pleasure, Hunting, Polo, Hunter Pace and a popular favorite, Dressage. So how does dressage sport work? Basically, sport competitions are performed by all levels from amateur to World Equestrian Games. Its basic function is to enhance, by means of standardized progressive training techniques, the horse’s natural athleticism and willingness to participate, which thereby optimizes the horse’s traits as a riding horse. As referred to by the International Equestrian Federation, dressage is a competitive equestrian sport that can be considered as the highest form of horse training. Another crowd favorite in equestrian sports competition for English riding is known as Show Jumping, or stadium jumping in other terms. Jumping categories are most commonly displayed at horse shows worldwide, including the Olympics. Show jumping categories may be facilitated by several national horse show sanctioning assemblies.If you’re ready to learn the art of English riding in Gloucestershire, England, come visit our site and local firm to get the best training from our highly qualified riding instructors. We can also offer high-end private classes at the client’s location if needed.

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