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Dressage Lessons

Dressage lessonsDressage is the highest form of horsemanship in the equestrian world. The horse and rider form a perfect picture of balance while performing movements from simple to complex.

If one is considering taking lessons, we have British Horse Society qualified riding instructors. They can teach every level from the training levels to Grand Prix. Of course, it takes time to achieve the top level skills for both horse and rider.

Based in Stroud in Gloucestershire, we provide high level private instructions at client locations. This allows the teacher and student to train without the distractions of other students and horses. It also allows the teacher to focus their attention to the individual; he or she is able to notice nuances in the rider’s seat, hands, and so forth that could be missed in a class setting.

If one is considering taking up horse riding he or she needs the proper attire. Riding boots, jodhpurs for children and riding pants for adults, a properly fitting helmet, gloves may or may not be necessary. The horse should be suitable for dressage or the lessons will be useless. If in doubt, allow the instructor to evaluate the animal. If the instructor suggests the use of a different horse, consider hiring one or selling the existing animal and purchasing another.

The proper saddle and bridle are essential.  A dressage saddle or an all-purpose saddle is fine for a beginner. As the student progresses, a proper saddle is needed. The instructor will evaluate the horse, suggest the correct bridle, and bit.

The student should not expect the horse they begin with to progress at the same rate. If the horse is suitable for beginners only, and the student has progressed to intermediate levels, another horse is needed. The student should be prepared for this.

The rider can expect to experience his or her confidence level to grow with practice and each lesson. Consistent lessons help the student to attain higher levels of horsemanship.

Watching a student progress is a thing of beauty. When performed properly, the horse and rider working together in perfect balance is a thing of beauty like a symphony. It takes time, sometimes years to achieve the top levels of horsemanship.

Entering into competitions should be discussed with the instructor during the first meeting. Keep in mind that two or three weeks of instruction will not turn a novice into a competitor. That takes place only in the movies.

There are students who do not wish to compete, and that is perfectly acceptable. Horse riding with skill is something the non-competitor should strive to achieve. Trekking is a fine way to spend a sunny day. With the proper skills, the horse and rider will both enjoy the outing.

The student should be open-minded and prepared to follow the instructor’s directions. It may be hard to hear “keep your heels down, chin up, elbows in” every few minutes, but if the student works diligently, the reward is the ability to ride comfortably and skillfully. Horsemanship is a skill that takes time to develop. After all one is seated on an animal that has a brain of its own and possesses its own intelligence.

Contact us to learn more about our instructors, lesson plans, prices and to schedule an interview. Our instructors will interview the student carefully about his or her goals, current skills and training, the horse and more. The instructor will watch the student ride and evaluate the needs of both rider and the horse.

Dressage lessons

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