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Learning to Ride

Learning to RideLearning to ride is best taught by professionals who have experience and credentials to guide students properly. Our trainers are British Horse Society (BHS) qualified and follow the utmost standards and care. Our clientele is exclusive and top notch. We come to your home for private instruction and we are based in Stroud in Gloucestershire.

Our approaches to horse riding are diverse. We ensure that those learning to ride are taught by instructors who have learned the high standards of safety for both rider and horse. Our instructors are tested to ensure that they meet the standards of the BHS to train students and to train horses at the required instruction level. Since safety is paramount, our instructors hold current first aid certificates.

We screen all our students to determine the riding experience level of the student. The general fitness level of the student is evaluated so appropriate riding lessons can be given. The discussion of the goals of the student is most important to us as well. We go over safety and riding equipment to make sure it is appropriate and in good working order. The safety of our students is paramount and we want to make sure that instructor and student are both on the same page.

Following evaluation, our private lessons begin at the appropriate experience level of the student. Horse riding for beginners starts with teaching the student how to control the horse, a necessary and significant first step. The individual attention, after thoroughly screening our students, makes our private lessons a good experience for first time riders, and instills the confidence they need to continue lessons.

The mental side to learning to ride is addressed in our approach to teaching as well. It is not just a matter of how to sit correctly in the saddle. Teaching a student how to relax yet remain alert, how to “tune-in” with the horse, and how to remain confident and at ease are all emphasized. Our lessons strive to improve technical skills as well as mental skills, in a blended approach to riding.

We are a committed to teaching riders to become true equestrians and this is reflected in our total approach. From evaluation to orientation and on to lessons that progress through levels of expertise, we are there every step of the way, in the privacy and convenience of your location. We guide you through what proper clothing is recommended, and school you through what the best products on the market are available. We teach you proper horse care and safety to round out our total approach to horse riding.

Riding a horse is a fun and exciting experience for people of all ages and our approach to teaching people to ride is in the same vein. While it is prudent to remain serious when it comes to evaluation and safety, the joy of riding is always included. Proper training and safety make the pleasure of riding an event that can be experienced over and over, in a series of lessons. As different levels of horsemanship are achieved, advanced instructors can take riding to new and exciting levels. Private lessons in a familiar environment, at your location, are a convenient way to experience the thrill of riding. The feeling of accomplishment you will experience with our instructors guiding you through is unique and one of a kind. Put yourself in the hands of experienced professionals. We will be sure to satisfy your needs and meet your expectations.

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