Ride in sympathy with your horse

Natural Horsemanship

When riding your horse, it should be a pleasurable and relaxing experience. Yes, there are times where you are at competition with other riders, but generally, when just out in the countryside, you need to take it all in and sit back. Riding the majestic animal is something unlike anything else in the world, and for those who have never had the opportunity to ride such an animal, they are missing out. With English style horse riding, there are some natural horsemanship tactics you take while riding along with other riders, or when deep in competition. It is a gentleman and gentlewomen’s game, and the natural horsemanship needs to show nothing but this.

When riding a horse, you must always begin with the dressage. This, essentially, is the method of training the horse, for both handling purposes and for competition. The better you handle the horse during a competition the more reliable they are going to be during an afternoon ride. With contemporary dressage, the horse is to perform calmly and quietly while abiding by the rider’s instructions. Being able to properly control your horse without them (or yourself) losing yourself is a rather large challenge, but enjoyable all the same. Having the ability to work one with such a large and gentle animal is remarkable, and the horse almost becomes an extension of yourself, similar to a well maintained vehicle while you are driving. Over time, both you and the horse will being to predict each other’s movements, so there is never any second guessing between the two of you. Having this kind of connection with another living animal is rather amazing.

English style horsemanship is all about the performance. How calm your horse is, its ability to handle commands without error, and how it handles obstacles. Even while obstacles and other environmental issues are present, the English style horse is going to ride proper and straight, with perfect posture. This does take years of training in order to fully maser it, not only with the human rider but with the particular animal. The proper, natural horsemanship is sure to show around other riders and their horses. This might be more challenging for some horses, as some can become a bit more social than others. This is just part of the training, but with enough time and practice, you and your horse will emulate a perfect natural horsemanship style.

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