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Riding Lessons in Stroud

Looking for show jumping lessons? What about taking some dressage lessons before the next show? If horse riding is in your future plans, you’ll want to visit us.

If learning to ride a horse is a dream of your, let us help make your dream become a reality. We teach people of all ages and all backgrounds to ride horses. If you want instructions on your horse at your property, let us come and give you private instruction.

Why learn to ride?

Riding gives many benefits. It offers a way to see the outdoors that’s unlike traveling in cars. Horse riding lets you see the outdoors as they are, without a glass window between you and your surroundings. Learning to ride brings you close to nature, as you wander the countryside and as you connect to your horse. Learning to ride has health benefits too. It’s good cardiovascular exercise. It improves your posture. It helps reduces stress. Riding can be a most rewarding and enjoyable social activity. Whether you participate in the local hunt, gymkhana or just ride with friends, you’ll find that riding isn’t solitary if you don’t want it to be. All riding horses benefit from some dressage lessons. The discipline involved puts horse and rider in tune with each other. Dressage teaches the horse to be more responsive, agile and balanced. The horse gets stronger. In turn, riding the horse become much more effortless and pleasurable. In his book “Training Strategies for Dressage Riders,” champion rider Charles de Kunffy writes: “Dressage, in general, is horsemanship that is based on love and respect for horses. It is aimed at the improvement of the horse’s natural abilities to fulfill his ultimate potential.” With these words in mind, it’s easy to see why dressage training is for everyone who takes up horse riding. Dressage training helps show jumping work to perfection too. Basic dressage actually improves many horse’s abilities to jump fences. Show jumpers need to exhibit quality flat work before having show jumping lessons. The horse needs training in lateral movement or the horse won’t understand how to move off the feet correctly. The horse has to be comfortable going from gait to gait. This means the rider must practice various gaits at different speeds to keep the horse flexible. As an added benefit, the horse pays stricter attention to the rider. A good show jumper should be trained to perform transitions between and within gaits. It should do the gait known as the collected canter or pirouette canter. A prospective show jumper should be able to counter-canter on a circle and take flying lead changes. Remember that 90 percent of show jumping exhibition time is done on the flat; spending time perfecting flat work will pay off in the long run.We have programmes for dressage and show jumping from our roster of fully trained instructors.

The British Horse Society certifies all our instructors. This means they all have passed the Horse Care and Riding Exam, the Preliminary Teaching Test and received the Health and Safety Executive First Aid at Work certificate. They’ve logged the required number of hours of teaching practice. Our certified instructors carry additional insurance through the British Horse Society.

Call us or come visit us soon. We’re conveniently located in Stroud, about eight miles south of Gloucester, in the Cotswolds. Stroud, the oldest market town in Gloucestershire, is worth a trip when you come for lessons. Its charming ambience and beautiful scenery are well known.

We look forward to having you ride with us soon.

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