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Show Jumping Lessons

Show JumpingShow jumping is a discipline of horsemanship that also includes dressage and hunters. Many national and international venues, including the Olympic Games, feature show jumping events and the sport itself has existed for hundreds of years. If you or your child love horses and are interested in show jumping leasons, it’s important to consider the quality of the training facilities you choose. Lessons offered for each discipline feature training that is specific to technique as well as conformity of uniform. In addition, show jumping lessons include the basics of balance, position of rider on horse, and managing emotions that can affect the quality of your ride.

British Show Jumping

Show jumping in Great Britain is governed by the rules and regulations set forth by British Showjumping. The primary goal of this entity is to oversee showjumping competitions at both a national and international level and to ensure that training for future showjumpers adheres to the standards of top-level showjumping. More than 4,000 different showjumping events occur in Britain every year and every facet of the event requires adherence to standards of safety, aesthetics and conformation to international standards. British showjumping regulations also govern the requirements for choosing judges, timekeepers and course builders for competitions.

The Basics of Show Jumping

Show jumping competitions, also known as classes, involve the rider and horse navigating through a series of obstacles. Some obstacles are vertical and require the horse and rider to jump over a set of bars, boards or similarly placed objects at a specific height. Other obstacles can include jumping over water hazards and all obstacles usually require a quick change in direction that demonstrates the agility of both horse and rider.

Show Jumping Lessons

Show jumping lesson plans generally begin with a course that matches the ability of the rider and their horse. If you’re just beginning show jumping, you will likely be instructed the technique for riding around and inside cones. This provides you the opportunity to become accustomed to working closely with your horse and understanding the fine nuances of their style of movement. Once you become more adept at working your horse through cones, you’ll then learn the techniques for horse riding using just one hand, no stirrups or without a saddle. Each of these techniques is meant to make you feel more comfortable on a horse, which will be particularly important when you’re engaging in fast-paced horse riding in competitions.

Show Jumping Lesson Plans

In general, a show jumping lesson plan will include training to improve the effectiveness of the rider to navigate a course while maintaining balance and position. Experienced riders may not necessarily require pre-emptive training regarding mounting or basic riding skills. In this case, training would advance to the intricacies of riding at differing paces/gaits, focused riding with distractions, increasing difficulty of obstacles and navigation without a saddle or without stirrups. Each student is an individual and will receive appropriately individualized instruction based on their current riding ability.

Our Facilities

Our training facilities are located in Stroud in Gloucestershire and offer the highest quality training for preparation as a show jumper. Our instructors have been specifically chosen because of their qualifications and also for their ability to effectively impart their knowledge to our students. We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality riding education in a relaxed but focused

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